Invention Competition



Program Objectives: The ARPA Institute Invention Competition is a university level contest designed to encourage university students active in science, engineering, mathematics, technology and creative invention, while stimulating their problem-solving abilities. This prestigious challenge also recognizes the productive relationship among students and their mentors that is essential to economic growth and leadership.

Organizer: ARPA Institute of Los Angeles, California, USA.

Sponsors: The Ministry of Education & Science of Armenia, the Ministry of Diaspora of Armenia, and the ARPA Institute.

General Requirements: The invention, a reduced-to-practice idea or workable model, must be the work of a student or team of maximum 4 students, or a team with their university advisor. If it is a machine, it must be operable. If it is a chemical, it must be complete with evidence of successful application of the idea. If it is a new plant, color photographs or slides must be included in the submission. If a new or original ornamental design for an article of manufacture is submitted, the entire design must be included in the application. In addition, the invention should be reproducible and should have potential in becoming a product. The entry must be the original idea and work product of the student or student/advisor team, and may not have been (1) made available to the public as a commercial product or process or (2) been patented or published more than 1 year prior to the date of submission to the competition. The entry submitted must be in Armenian or English.

Specific Requirements: For the details of the application process, including formatting requirements, download either of the following PDF files: Armenian or English


  1. Go to to submit your PDF file.
  2.  If you are submitting your application for the first time click on “Initial submission”. If you need to check/update your application click on “Check and/or update your submission”.
  3.  Enter the title of your submission in the first row.
  4.  Enter the necessary information for each member of the team in the application. The “submitter” is the team leader in the application.
  5.  Click on one of the buttons indicating the “Main Topic” of your application.
  6.  Type in the Abstract of the submission in the section titled “Abstract+Keywords”. You can copy and paste your abstract directly from your Word Document. Suggest a few keywords that best describe the capability you think the judges must have to evaluate your application fairly.
  7.  Submit your application in PDF format using the button “Choose File”, which lets you select the file from your computer.
  8.  Skip the section on Postscript files.
  9.  Enter the number of pages in your application (the Maximum is 15, not 10)
  10.  Make sure you press the Submit button after you have entered all the above information. Without this action your application will not be submitted.