The Sarko Tilkian Blood Services Center

This is a joint venture between ARPA and the Erebuni Hospital in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. ARPA provided the design and remodeled the facility, purchased state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, reagents, and trained the personnel; while the hospital provided the personnel, the lab space and facilities to house the equipment. This prototype Blood Bank establishes standards of practices & performance, as per western-style criteria, and serves as a training center for all of Armenia and the neighboring countries.

The Sarko Tilkian Blood Services Center constitutes an important means in the fight against spreading diseases and very serious health problems in Armenia. ARPA has also helped Global Healing International to establish a second modern blood services center in Gyumri, which is already in full operation.

ARPA Institute works with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia to organize conferences to promote modern blood banking practices in Armenia. In October of 2000 a conference entitled “Innovative Approaches to Blood Collection, Transfusion & Services” was organized by ARPA and the Hematology Center of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia, and held in Yerevan, Armenia with the objective to serve as a venue for exchanging ideas and educating those involved in blood services in countries in the Caucuses. Given the critical situation resulting from antiquated equipment, old approaches to blood handling, storage and transfusion practices in the former Soviet Republics, the program constituted an important effort in the fight against spreading diseases and very serious health problems.
The more specific aims of the conference were to:

  1. Exchange information between blood bank physicians and experts in the US and Armenia.
  2. Define blood banking practices in Armenia and the US and discuss the rationale for practices in the following areas: donor recruitment and donor suitability, testing of donor blood for infectious disease Indications for blood component therapy, recognition and treatment of adverse complications of blood transfusion, administrative and record keeping practices.
  3. Establish an Association of Blood Bankers of Armenia (ABBA).
  4. Establish a certificate/formal training program at the Erebouni Hospital, recognized by the ABBA.
  5. Establish solid ties with the American as well as International Blood Banking community, thus facilitating assistance from foreign governments for blood banks in Armenia.